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Hollow Body

by Many Rooms

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released December 4, 2015


all rights reserved



Many Rooms Houston, Texas

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Track Name: The Father Complex
I bet you're looking for a sorry / well I'm looking for one too / what goes on inside your heart / what makes you do the things you do / do you really talk to God? / man I wonder what he tells you / maybe He has given up / the way that I gave up too // well I hope that you're happy without me / cause I wouldn't be // so you're burning all your bridges / are you moving on again / do you think you'll get to heaven / just by simply sneaking in / do you think that you're justified / in all your lies / well I think you're in for a surprise //
Track Name: Promises
Is this your word against mine / your hands are cold as ice / and will you ever regret / all the things that you said / or are you loosing ties // and oh, how beautiful a lie / when it makes you feel like you can fly // is this the part where you speak your mind / your mouth is blurring the lines / and have you done what you can / to destroy all my plans / or have you just started // and oh, how beautiful a lie / when it makes you feel like you can fly / and your wings are made of paper dreams and paper futures // your words they cut like blades / when you run them across my pain / like you could just say anything / and I won't feel it / your hands they're deadly traps / when you stick knives into my back / and rip this heart out of my chest / that I already gave
Track Name: Hollow Body
You planted thoughts and grew them tall / but they withered underneath it all / this darkness that I wanna keep / it's tucked right underneath my feet / my brittle bones they can't contain / the weight of when we speak your name / but in spite of everything / I curse you with the breath you gave me // hollow body / does your heart beat // I fear that I can't fight / and I fear that I won't try / but I want you by my side / you fill me with your breath / and you make me breathe again / now all I can do is sing / oh god / you put the breath in me
Track Name: Vessel
I am a collapsible bridge / a link between ribs / and I've caved in / I bet you wanted to come in / but you won't fit / I need room for my demons // all I know is that I'm in deep / all I know is that I'm unclean / oh, I'm drowning / in your heartbeat // I can remember the silence / that kept me in / and chained my wrists / I let it torture me slowly / until I could not see / your scars on my hands // oh, god find me / I'm unworthy
Track Name: I'll Sing My Soul
I sought you out / pleaded for a word / but all I hear is my heart beating / that's all I need / that's all I need from you / to know that you are here with me // I'll sing my soul / your voice like violins / resonates within / I'll sing my soul / your voice like violins / pouts out of my lips // I've waiting long / to simply hear you speak / but all I hear is my own breathing / though I am weak / I know you're here with me to help me see / to help me see
Track Name: The Sea
I hear him calling me / from the deep / I'm up to my neck in the water / but I'm not ready to leave / the sea / I see his arms stretched out / and he's reaching / my hands are tied up in the chaos / but I'm still trying to keep / ahold of these things // walk to me / out on the sea //

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